Dr. Reef, you are the real-deal kinda psychiatrist that we need. By we, I don’t just mean identified patients, I mean, all of us. I love the way you make treatment feel more like personal development
than a sick person doctor visit.

And I *love* that you — totally look to the world as a man on a mission. I *love* that you see the mission thru. That where most places end in crisis intervention or stabilization — that is where you begin.

I love your commitment to self-concept and identity. And I love that you (and the treatment center) — have never made me feel like I’m a patient. Or sick. Or a victim.

You’re on the vanguard. And in my opinion, your “je ne sais quoi” as a doctor is your soulfulness. You’ve got the music in you.

I am so inspired by what you are building. Keep raising the bar. You’re a game-changer.

Christy R.
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