“My life started to completely turn around when I met Reef Karim. Like an emotional detective, he expertly identified my problematic behaviors and almost immediately recognized what was driving them. When I left his office, I was astonished that someone had finally, and so accurately, seen me – as no other doctor, therapist or healer ever had.  Dr. Reef’s training, experience and insight are truly a gift. He sees people – really sees them and can help build people’s  inner core and inner self from the inside out.  Through Dr. Reef’s specific treatment framework and identity mapping technique, I was able to clearly see the trajectory of my life experience to date. Ultimately, dissecting my journey in this way allowed me to create a new “through line” for my life. I am proud of the time, energy and investment I made with Dr. Karim, because I have emerged as a completely transformed, more conscious, empathetic, successful and compassionate man. He’s the real deal and his work in the science of self help is revolutionary.”

Sam Page
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