“Dr. Reef Karim is a visionary, a thought leader, an influencer, an expert, an amazing speaker and a truly gifted man. He is one of the most caring, supportive and insightful psychiatrists with whom I have ever worked. Dr. Reef’s passion for helping other clients and myself to grow is readily apparent, particularly when it comes to moving beyond crisis stabilization and into personal development. He is direct yet kind and compassionate. He holds me accountable for my behavior and pushes me to do the internal work that helps me understand who I am, what I need, and what I truly want. He challenges my sometimes negative and limited view of myself and encourages me to step outside the box and create the life I want to live rather than the life I am expected to live. In an ever increasingly “pop psychology” world, Dr. Reef stands head and shoulders above the rest. He is double board certified, highly trained and experienced and he’s a proponent for personal change and growth through identity work, neuroscience and self expression. He has built a philosophy for change that works every day in his treatment center where he changes lives as he says “one brain at a time” while revamping the mental health and addiction treatment landscape. Reef works very hard to de-stigmatize mental health and addiction issues. While he holds people accountable for their choices and behavior, he does not treat them as “broken”. I’ve worked with many professionals and Dr. Reef Karim is far and away one of the best. I feel incredibly lucky and am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Reef.”

Stephanie H.
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