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If You’re Looking for an Energetic, Dynamic Speaker that Can Connect and Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Audience…

Dr. Reef Karim has spoken on international stages, both big and small, for more than a decade. He fully understands the mechanics necessary to engage an audience and empower them for a great end result.

With over twenty years of experience in neuroscience and human behavior and an improv and stand-up comedy background, Dr. Reef is an incredibly unique speaker who can entertain and educate.

Dr. Reef's Most Popular Speaking Topics

Master The Madness:  Unleashing The Real You

Gender Games:  The Science of Connection

American Pain

Spirituality:  The Anti-Pill

Advanced Recovery:  Beyond Stabilization

Fame Addiction:  The New Epidemic

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Recent Audience Reviews

“Best presenter of the event. Was informative and able to deliver relevant information/in-sight to the disease of addiction while being able to connect with attendance with personal reflection and humor.”

“This was such an awesome presentation. i learned a great deal form this presenter in such a short time. i will definitely refer to his recommendations and suggestions for working with clients.”

“This was my favorite session of the summit. Great research and relevant information presented in a fun and entertaining manner!”

“I am truly glad I stayed to the end of this conference. By far the best session and presenter.”

“I felt like I was in a commercial and he really touched on some subjects that my place of employment is currently struggling with. He is a great speaker and knows how to capture the audiences attention.”

Speaking Topics

Master The Madness: Unleashing The Real You

So many people don’t feel like they’re living the life they want; they’re not happy, they’re doing something they don’t love and they’re living life like a robot reacting to the world around them. In this highly entertaining and provocative talk, Dr. Reef teaches us how to unleash our “madness”, our unique ideas, thoughts, and feelings that we hide and don’t share with the world because of fears of being judged or seen as different. This talk is all about self-expression and finding the courage to be our true self-becoming energized and excited each and every day.

Gender Games: The Science of Connection

It’s been a long time since “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and things have changed. There are more divorces than ever, more people feeling lonely and both men and women feeling less connected and more detached. Dr. Reef, in this highly entertaining talk, breaks down the science of dating, relationships and how men and women can better relate, communicate and connect by looking at our pop culture trends, psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience. This talk will change the way you relate to the opposite sex – in romantic relationships, work and your family life.

American Pain

“We are an over-stimulated, over-diagnosed and over-medicated society where Americans are consuming 80% of the world’s supply of prescription pain medications. We are in pain; emotional pain and physical pain and people are relying on pills to make their pain go away. But, pills will only reduce the immediate discomfort; pills won’t make your problems go away. This captivating talk discusses the topic of Pain; emotional and physical pain; what it is, how it presents in our bodies, how it effects us and what we can do about it”

Spirituality: The Anti-Pill

It is common knowledge that meditation, yoga, acupuncture and other alternative healing methods can be effective in helping people with stress reduction and mood stabilization, but the conversation usually ends with testimonials. In this day and age in our pill popping society, the use of spiritual and non medication practices are incredibly important.

In this talk, Dr. Reef breaks down the effectiveness, neurochemistry, neuroimaging, and neurobiological changes associated with spiritual practice and holistic healing. We will discover how important spirituality is in our personal development, mental health and addiction treatment. Dr. Reef blends the best of the East and West in this cutting edge presentation explaining how meditation, yoga and alternative healing works in the brain..

Advanced Recovery:
Beyond Stabilization

“This controversial and informative talk is an analysis of the field of addiction; how one becomes addicted and the state of addiction treatment; what’s working and what’s not. There is an emphasis on what needs to be changed in substance use treatment; the corruption of the field, the levels of care and stages of treatment and how an individual can move beyond traditional recovery and into an identity not dictated by an addiction diagnosis but a true personal identity of empowerment with purpose and passion”

Fame Addiction:
The New Epidemic

“We are a society spending more time capturing the moment than experiencing it.” Many people fear being “invisible” so much so that they post a superficial highlight reel of their life for validation – instead of taking the emotional risks of fully experiencing life to develop a deeper core of accepting and improving who they really are. As a result, some individuals are vulnerable to a condition where they feel bored, lonely, impulsive, anxious, disconnected and unfulfilled and go out of their way to be “seen” or to manage these feelings with pills, alcohol, drugs or “acting out”.

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