The Reef Madness Show


Analyzing the crazy in all of us!


Jon Stewart disrupted traditional political news.

It’s now time for a revolution in health and human behavior. 

Reef Madness is an online late night talk show dedicated to sex, drugs, celebrities, pop culture and human behavior hosted by physician and comic, Dr. Reef Karim.

Dr. Reef explains it all: from topical news to bizarre stories, psychological & medical research, breaking news, politics, sports, dating, weed, fame, addiction, sex stories, celebrities… Nothing is off limits!  And the buzz is growing as Reef Madness has already been featured on Fox News and KTLA, recently won the Mindshare Impact award for best video, and celebrity guests and experts are lining up to be on the show.

Dr. Reef has dedicated his life to educating, entertaining and helping people understand themselves better. He’s a big believer that laughter really is the best medicine and informing people on controversial topics using conversation and comedy is most effective. Whether behind a news desk, on location, or in a heated panel debate, Dr. Reef blends his expertise on human behavior with comedy and controversy in an entertaining news and interview format.

People are Talking

“Dr. Reef’s latest reach into the culture of sex, drugs, and human behavior is his new show Reef Madness. Check it out!” – Fox News

“Awesome!!!!!!!” – Sagor Sharma

“Good show! Reef, I’m excited to see what you have going forward!” – Hyla Cass, M.D.

“Really well done! Entertaining and informative. Look forward to more topics. Keep it going.” – Ferzana Jessa

“You Rock Reef Karim, Love how u bring the energy love it….” – Karim Ali

“Really great show, I would’ve loved to have seen that live, Dr.” – Jones

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