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Welcome to Morning Madness, your personal transformation online source to a better and happier life.

Morning Madness is a weekly personal growth series with either video, audio podcast or written materials, written and hosted by Dr. Reef Karim, a double board certified psychiatrist, relationship expert, and addiction medicine specialist. Dr. Reef specializes in the science of human behavior and how to inform people by blending pop culture and humor with modern day science in psychology and medicine to figure out why people do what they do.

Weekly topics focus on all aspects of human behavior including: empathy, resilience, emotional reactivity, sex and the brain, self destructive dating, impulse control, sense of purpose, identity, finding your passion, self expression, social connection, fame & validation and many others.

Master the Madness:
Living the Life You Want

So many people don’t feel like they’re living the life they want; they’re not happy, they’re doing something they don’t love and they’re living life like a robot reacting to the world around them. In this highly entertaining and provocative talk, Dr. Reef teaches us how to unleash our “madness”, our unique ideas, thoughts, and feelings that we hide and don’t share with the world because of fears of being judged or seen as different. This talk is all about self-expression and finding the courage to be our true self-becoming energized and excited each and every day.

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Three Words That Will
Ruin Your Life

Dr. Reef is passionate about helping people overcome their limitations to lead a better life – particularly our self-limiting beliefs. In this highly motivational talk, Reef teaches us the three words that will absolutely ruin our lives. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of how we limit ourselves without even realizing it, what we can do about it and how we get in our own way preventing us from having the life we’ve always wanted. In this illuminating talk, Reef shows us how simple common words keep us living small, diminish our abilities and get in the way of our purpose and mission.

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Gender Games:
The Science of Connection

It’s been a long time since “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and things have changed. There are more divorces than ever, more people feeling lonely and both men and women feeling less connected and more detached. Dr. Reef, in this highly entertaining talk, breaks down the science of dating, relationships and how men and women can better relate, communicate and connect by looking at our pop culture trends, psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience. This talk will change the way you relate to the opposite sex – in romantic relationships, work, and your family life.¬†

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Sex, Dating & Relationships

Dr. Reef breaks down the latest in sex, dating, relationships and the differences between men and women’s brains in this reel. He blends expertise in human behavior, couples and relationship therapy and a light-hearted feel to the topic of sex & connection.

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